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About Jack Milles

At Jack Milles we go for a good bag. We work daily to offer a suitable bag for everyone every day. We think it is important that a bag is convenient to use and above all affordable.

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“At Jack Milles we go for a good bag”

For every moment

Our ladies’ bags are therefore all made of high quality PU (imitation leather) and / or leather and are neatly finished and lined. Jack Milles bags are carefully made in factories with which we work closely.

This is how we develop timeless bags all year round for every moment, for every budget!

We deliberately keep the Jack Milles collection small. This makes us flexible and we can always offer our bags competitively priced. Jack Milles is also not freely available, but only at selected dealers.

Are you looking for a specific bag from Jack Milles or do you have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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